Unique Tumble-Spray Processing
  Painting of Small Parts in Bulk
  Hot Barrel Coating Specialists
  Precise Color Matching

At Jonmandy Corporation, we specialize in painting small eyelets, rivets, and stampings with a tumble-spray process that achieves uniform and complete coverage without filling piercings or holes. We serve clients locally and nationally and can handle painting small parts in bulk. Between our expert knowledge and our state-of-the-art color matching computer, we are your number one choice for achieving a perfect paint match every time.

We handle:
  • Rivet Painting
  • Pop Rivet Painting
  • Eyelet Painting
  • Chain Painting
  • Small Part Painting
  • Grommet Painting
  • Stamping Painting
  • Bulk Painting
Small Items
Outstanding Quality
We typically serve the clothing, novelty, building, manufacturing and military industries, among others. We've designed and built our own, unique Hot Barrel Coater and we were instrumental in developing the epoxy paint used in the coating process.
The Japanning-like process we use is completed in our unique tumbler-sprayer and can be used on brass, steel, aluminum and stainless steel items. We guarantee excellent durability and ductility on every product we turn out.
We've also got the highest Hot Barrel Coating capacity in the country!

Unbeatable Service
We've got 40 plus years of experience in the industry. Our founder Donald Nardozzi is a third generation metal finisher and worked at his family business until he started a new business - this one! - in 1992. With our combined expertise, competitive pricing, fast service and attention to customer satisfaction, it's no wonder Jonmandy Corporation is your number one choice for rivet painting, eyelet painting, stamping painting and all metal painting, and the leader in the metal finishing industry.

Our expertise, competitive pricing and fast service make Jonmandy Corporation the leader in the industry.

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